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I was first introduced to Young Living by my mentor and holistic health coach, Paul Chek. After going through a challenging business and personal relationship break up almost at the same time. It left me (Barney) hanging by a thread mentally and emotionally to keep driving and growing our fitness clubs at the time. I got started with Peppermint, Lavender, Palo Santo and White Angelica to help support my body and brain during higher than normal stress levels. The oils literally were the main reason I was able to push through and grow from that experience.
Years later I was reintroduced to Young Living, mainly for the business opportunity through my upline Casey Conrad. She's a highly respected and well known fitness consultant in the Health Club Industry. I was taking quite a bit of her training & online workshops for my fitness clubs ( and she asked me if I wanted to make more money. Naturally I said YES! She asked if I sold any natural health products and I laughed and said "Yes, why of course we do". She then proceeded to ask me if I had heard of Young Living and I started laughing because I said yes, we have some sitting on the shelf right now! She then asked me the BIG QUESTION. "Barney, are you making any money with them?" I said "No, not really" . She then said, "Would you like too?" and I said YES of course!
Long story, the rest is history and my wife and I met through my fitness clubs and we are now happily married and have a healthy and happy little family! I've helped thousands of people experience the power of Young Living Essential Oils through workshops, seminars, webinars and other personal sharing opportunities by the great work that our team is doing.
If you're reading this and would like to learn more about how to use the oils with your family, in a traditional business setting and to very easily earn a 2nd paycheck each month - then reach out to either myself or Adrienne! She's my beautiful wife!